Articles I’ve written for others.

Putting The Art Back in ‘How Great Thou Art’ ” – Christian music and its need to be more beautiful (Kingdom People).

Articles I’ve written for the Ekklesia Eugene Men’s Blog

The Worst Sin of All” – Pride is the root of all sin.

Keep The Main Thing The Main Thing” – Don’t get distracted from the Gospel by secondary issues.

Finish Strong” – Men should learn to finish everything well.

Finding God’s Will” – How to make wise decisions.

Influence—Use It” – Everyone has influence. The question is, how do we use it?

Teachable, Trainable, Moldable” – Men should embrace correction.

It Is Manly to Read” – Why Men should read more.

Fight Back, Pt. 1” – We are under spiritual attack.

Fight Back, Pt. 2” – Stand firm in the midst of spiritual attack.

True Greatness” – We are called to reflect Christ through servant leadership.

Redeem 2013” – Don’t waste another year.

Created to Work” – Men are called to work hard for God’s glory.

Living to Die” – What it means to “die to yourself.”

Our True Calling” – Our gifts are to be used for God’s glory and building others up.

Date Your Wife” – Making every day Valentine’s Day for your wife.

You Are Out of Control” – Finding comfort in God’s sovereignty in the midst of a chaotic world.