The 8 Best Bible Study Apps

One of my favorite things to do is to help other Christians learn how to study the Bible. It’s an invaluable skill because studying the Word of God is no light matter. But it’s not just about methods and principles; you have to have the right tools. Luckily, we have been blessed with technology that allows any believer to dissect the Word of God at a rate faster than ever before.

I am an app-a-phile. I cannot get enough of those little square icons. Lately I’ve been trying to leverage that addiction for the glory of God. Through all my relentless pursuit, here are the best apps I have found to aid you in your study:

ESV Bible

The ESV is my translation of preference. This is the official ESV Bible app from Crossway and there’s more than what meets the eye. It has a powerful search function that is wicked fast and effective. If you can’t remember the reference to a verse or even just a portion of the verse, you can type it in and the app will spit out all the possible answers. Also, If I want to see every verse in the Bible that uses a word, for example “faith,” it can show it to me. And it’s free!

Faithlife Study Bible

This app from the geniuses down at Logos Bible Study Software is proclaimed as the world’s largest and most advanced digital study Bible. It’s study articles hold over 2.2 million words. It’s Bible dictionary hold over 2,800 articles. It comes with several different Bible translations. And it’s free!

Bible App

The Bible App (also known as YouVersion and brought to you by could quite possibly bring the Word of God to more people than any other device/person/invention in history. It is creeping close to 100 million different downloads all around the world. It boasts hundreds of Bible versions (I didn’t even know that many existed), reading plans, and in all comes in dozens of languages. You can add your own highlights, bookmarks, and public or private notes. And it’s free!

Logos Bible Study Software

Logos is a revolutionary Bible study software for computers. I have never seen such a powerful engine used to make Bible research so easy and efficient. It literally removes hours away from my study. Your resources for Logos are all cloud-based, which means if you download the app then you are able to see all your resources (in my case, thousands of books) anywhere you are on your iPhone or iPad. To fully utilize the breadth of Logos you will need to purchase some expensive packages, but it’s worth it for any serious student. The app itself can be used without purchasing the computer software and it’s free! The free version is still really useful, sporting over 40 Bibles, free books, reading plans, highlights, and a few other study tools.

ESV Study Bible

The print version of the ESV Study Bible is my go-to study Bible. The good people down at Crossway have put a lot of time and effort into this Bible and it does not disappoint. For those who don’t want to lug a five-pound, fifty-dollar tome around, they have created an app version of the study Bible. It’s interface is exactly like the ESV Bible app but it also comes with 20,000 notes, over 50 articles (the articles themselves are worth every penny), over 200 maps, over 200 charts, 80,000 cross-references, and 40 new illustrations, among many other features. The price is $14.99.

Strongs Concordance

This is a pretty valuable tool for word studies (especially if you don’t have Logos). This concordance tracks the usage of every word in the Bible from the original languages. If you want to know what the original term in Greek used for “truth” in John 14:6 and what it means, you can look it up with this app. The price is $4.99.

Kindle / iBooks

These two are the most popular ebook reading apps and they come with their own digital bookstores. There are pretty great selections of commentaries and other reference books in these stores. Almost all the books in the stores are cheaper than their printed counterparts. There are even great books in the stores that are free to download. The app is free but most of the books are not.


Evernote is basically a digital file cabinet that is fully searchable and customizable. I use it to store anything from articles I’ve found online, thoughts I’ve jotted down about a passage, pictures or lists of books I want to buy, and so much more. Evernote is cloud-based, so all your notes and clippings are synced with all your devices. And it’s free!

If you have any other apps that you love to use for Bible study, or any of your favorite apps for anything, I would love to hear about them in the comments.


2 thoughts on “The 8 Best Bible Study Apps

  1. Kyle,

    Here are a few more bible study tools which I have found useful:

    1. e-Sword ( – I call this the “poor man’s Logos.” The author gives this bible study software away for free, although some of the additional resources do cost money. A great tool for doing Greek and Hebrew word studies. The PC version is free, and I believe there is also a iphone/ipad version available.

    2. Bible Study Tools Online ( – this online resource has an excellent word study tools and several older commentaries and bible dictionaries. The interface is clunky, but the price is right! For someone who can’t afford to buy a bunch of concordances and lexicons, this a nice inexpensive alternative.

    3. ESV Bible ( – you mentioned this already, but this is an outstanding resource, so I have to mention it as well. If you purchase an ESV study bible, you can get access to the entire study bible online! In addition, there are additional modules you can purchase on the online version, including an excellent ESV Greek Tools module, the MacArthur study bible, and right now you can get John Piper’s sermon archive for free.

    Like you, I use Amazon Kindle to purchase almost all of my books these days. However, instead of Evernote, I use the more robust Microsoft OneNote to take notes, clip web articles and generally keep track of all sorts of items I come across.

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