To Whet Your Appetite: 06/26/12

  • A recent article in Christianity Today suggests that American Christianity has become juvenilized: “the process by which the religious beliefs, practices, and developmental characteristics of adolescents become accepted as appropriate for adults.”
  • If Christ is true, then boredom is sin.
  • Here are 10 really important things that young singles in romantic relationships ought to know. Even if you are not in a relationship, these things will be good to keep in mind.
  • Unfortunately, sexual sin is present in much of the church and among many of the pastors. Here are 7 steps to avoid sexual sin and stay in ministry. Really good advice even if you are not in the ministry because sexual sin will wreck you just as well.
  • We are seeing a revival among hip-hop, led by men like Lecrae and Trip Lee. Here is a two minute interview of Trip Lee describing hip-hop and the fight against sin.
  • A recent peer-reviewed article (that means it’s fancy and legit) was published in the journal Biological Theory that says that Darwinism may be at the end of its rope among scientists.

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