To Whet Your Appetite: 05/30/12

  • While I’m not that into politics, I do understand that they are important. The Barna Group has just published an interesting study on the 2012 election and how people of different religions and viewpoints will most likely vote.
  • How do you normally respond when someone tells you that the Bible is untrustworthy and full of errors? The Resurgence has a few responses to such a claim.
  • “In the UK, Christians are protesting new regulations that would force doctors to prescribe treatments and perform procedures—such as abortifacients and gender reassignment surgery—that go against their consciences.” The Gospel Coalition gives its take on the situation.
  • Although Christians have traditionally opposed homosexuality (which is a good thing), Christians have also traditionally not spoken about homosexuality with grace, love, and restraint (which is a bad thing). Kevin DeYoung offers 10 commitments the Church should make in how to speak on the issue of homosexuality.
  • Quite a few have said that once gay-marriage has been legalized then the next logical step is polygamy. This article argues that very point.
  • The complete audio from the 2012 NEXT Conference, put on by Sovereign Grace Ministries (C.J. Mahaney), is now online for free, featuring speakers like Matt Chandler and Kevin DeYoung.
  • Pastors may very well be the weirdest breed out there (possible reason why I am one). This video demonstrates that some can take that weirdness way too far.

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