To Whet Your Appetite: 05/14/12

  • Here is an interesting look by the Barna Group at the role of healthy families in youth ministry.
  • A recent debate has sparked between theological giants Michael Horton and Douglas Wilson on the issue of manliness. Wilson believes that Christian ministry has become effeminate while Horton believes we are reading to much into cultural stereotypes. What do you think?
  • Looking for Bible iPhone apps? Here is a list of the top Bible apps and what features they have.
  • Last week, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney (an outspoken Mormon) gave the commencement address at the largest evangelical university in the country, Liberty University (I happened to have graduated from their seminary). This led to a small swirl of controversy over whether or not a Christian institution should give a non-Christian a platform to speak. I am still undecided on the issue.
  • Is there a difference between having a discerning mind and being a critic? Trevin Wax says yes and shows the importance of such a distinction.
  • Jared C. Wilson (co-author of The Explicit Gospel with Matt Chandler) has a new book coming out, Gospel Deeps: Reveling in the Excellencies of Jesus. This seems like a really promising book. Amazon has it on pre-order for only $7.91.
  • The only thing better than getting something for free is getting a quality product for free. Lecrae is offering his new mixtape album, “Church Clothes,” for FREE. If you don’t know who Lecrae is, in his own words, his music is “Outkast meets the words of Moses.” For the record, I actually think he’s better than Outkast. This may be the most important Christian hip-hop album to ever be released because it will put the Gospel in the hands and headphones of many who would have never bought a Lecrae album previously. It’s getting extremely positive reviews from the hip-hop world and as of yesterday, the album has already been downloaded over 116,000 times.
  • With all the talk about gay marriage in the media, last week I rounded up several extremely helpful articles on the subject from a Christian and biblical perspective.

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