To Whet Your Appetite: 05/01/12

  • If you are nervous about speaking in public (rumor has it some of you are) then you will need to check out these 5 different ways to overcome nerves before giving a speech.
  • Remember Jeremy Lin? The Christian, Harvard grad, Taiwanese, NBA star for the New York Knicks? If you don’t I can’t really blame you; Lin has really fallen off of everybody’s viewfinder, except Ted Kluck’s, who during the Linsanity wrote a hasty book about Jeremy entitled Jeremy Lin: Faith, Joy, and Basketball. A couple months later, here are Ted’s reflections on the whole situation.
  • Jeff Goins books, You Are a Writer, is finally out! I was able to review an advanced copy of it, and I really liked it with one or two reservations. But if you feel like God may be calling you to be a writer, I recommend this book to you. It is available on Kindle and also as a PDF download from his website.
  • Three years ago, Douglas Wilson, a pastor from Moscow, Idaho (Yeah, I know. He also looks like a lumberjack) and atheistic heavy-weight, the late Christopher Hitchens, went head-to-head in multiple rounds of debates focused on the validity of Christianity. It resulted in the documentary, COLLISION. It is by far my favorite documentary, so please check it out. They have also begun releasing never-before-seen footage from the debates. The first one can be found here, where Christopher and Douglas are debating the standards that atheists live by.
  • For those of you who may be night owls or who tend to pull a lot of all-nighters, I commend to you these two articles by Kevin DeYoung that warns of the dangers of sleep deprivation. You cannot steal time, you can only borrow it. You will have to pay it back one way or another. Also, sleep deprivation may even affect your spiritual life.
  • The magazine, Christianity Today, has sparked an interesting (and somewhat disturbing) debate about whether or not churches should encourage singles to use contraception. The idea, apparently, is that if we can’t stop them from having sex then we should at least stop teen pregnancy and abortion. For me, I’m with the guy who says we teach what the Bible commands and we do not compromise.

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