To Whet Your Appetite: 04/03/12

  • Because April is Sexual Assault Awareness month, Justin and Lindsay Holcumb are giving away a free ebook version of their book, Rid of My Disgrace; today is the final day to get it. Free is always the best price, so take advantage this.
  • I never realized how much I actually loathe the lottery and what it does to people until this whole Mega Millions thing happened. It is so much more than about gambling, it is government-run tax on the poor. Yes, it is voluntary, but unlike real taxes there is an incentive to pay this tax—640 million incentives—drawing people in like a fish to a lure. This is why according to The Atlantic, households earning less than $15,000 a year spend 9% of their income on lottery tickets. That is just sad and for some reason people think it is harmless. This is why John Piper calls the Mega Millions Lottery a “suicidal craze.”
  • Vanderbilt University has told religious organizations on campus that they cannot exclude people from joining their groups or running for group leadership based upon religion or sexual orientation. This means an atheist should have every right to lead a Christian group. Or a homosexual. Al Mohler, examines the situation and shows why this is an assault on religious organizations.
  • Justin Taylor is posting excerpts describing each day of Holy Week (Jesus’ last week on earth) from a book he and uber-scholar, Andreas Köstenberger, are working on together. Here is what happened on Monday and Tuesday.
  • Funny-man Jon Acuff normally takes a satiric look at Christian culture. In a change of pace, Acuff takes a serious look at gossip and how it affects everything, even the culture and productivity of an office.

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