To Whet Your Appetite: 03/19/12

  • I know that dating is a touchy subject for many young Christians. A lot of hurt, a lot of passivity, and a lot of sin. But that does not mean there is no biblical way to date. Here are some great dating tips for girls from the Resurgence that hopefully will be helpful.
  • Once again, Jon Acuff from Stuff Christians Like, hits another aspect of Christian life on the head. Ever since I have graduated, I have had no spring break…though I definitely have wished for one! Acuff gives some tips on how to survive a spring break-less life.
  • Regardless of all the hoopla surrounding the Elephant Room, some good conversations have come out from it. Here is a video from the Elephant Room discussing moral disqualification in the ministry and how to reconcile.
  • It is pretty popular today to say, “It’s just me and Jesus,” and throw the church out completely. Even Justin Beiber says he doesn’t need the church. Take that for what it is worth. Joel Miller disagrees and proves why Christians need the church.
  • The mantra of the day is tolerance but if you claim to hold the truth or dare to condemn another’s beliefs, you are vigorously labeled a bigot. D.A. Carson and Al Mohler discuss how intolerant today’s tolerance is.

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