To Whet Your Appetite: 03/12/12

  • “We exalt our athletic heroes when they’re winning and giving thanks to God. Linsanity and Tebowmania fill us with pride as we pray for God to protect the integrity of their witness to the gospel of Jesus Christ. But sports humble even the most accomplished athletes, let alone the suddenly successful…So what does Christian witness look like amid inevitable failure?” An awesome interview with Cleveland Browns quarterback, Colt McCoy, about his faith, successes, and failures.
  • A fascinating info-graphic from Christianity Today showing that fewer and fewer people are asking the question, “Will I go to heaven or hell when I die?”
  • Tim Challies attempts to tackle a different question about heaven: What happens to children who die?
  • Albert Mohler reports on and condemns a disturbing new way that some are viewing newborn infants—subhuman and eligible for “after-birth abortion.” The notion is so outrageous that even Slate is calling it crazy but it is a disheartening sign of the times.
  • Jesse Bryan, Creative Director of Mars Hill, and Don Clark of Invisible Creature gave this talk on “Why Jesus Creates Art” at the recent Resurgence College Conference at the end of 2011. I was present for this conference and Jesse and Don’s talk was without a doubt my favorite part of the weekend. If you are an artist, watch this, and you will learn to worship Jesus through your art. If you are a dry rationalist with no notion of art whatsoever, watch this, and you will learn to appreciate beauty because it informs us of Jesus.

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