To Whet Your Appetite: 11/02/11

John MacArthur has been blogging about his concerns for the Young, Restless, and Reformed movement. He sums them up in three main points:

  • They may not have a high view of Scripture
  • They may not have a high view of God
  • They may not have a proper idea of church


Do all dogs go to heaven? Well, these new pet ministries may not answer that question but they do want to serve humans through serving their pets. Next we may see a pet baptismal.

For those of you Mac-heads/Apple-ites/iPhonians fascinated by Steve Jobs, his massive authorized biography is causing quite a stir. Here is an interesting Christian perspective on the book and Jobs by Tim Challies:

“Steve Jobs was not a nice person. In fact, he was often downright horrible, bearing lifelong grudges, throwing tantrums and berating the people who worked for him and with him. He seemed to have a binary view of the world where some things were wonderful and other things were horrible; there was little space between. He despised the mediocre or even the merely good. He used his keen intuition about other people to find and then exploit their vulnerabilities in a way that maximized the hurt he could inflict upon them. He was a brutal boss and a brutal man. He was the kind of man who would praise his own parents for adopting him and then pretty much abandon his own daughter.”


My hometown is Portland, Oregon and I am proud of it. Unfortunately, I am not proud of the rampant sex industry infesting the city and its suburbs. It is mostly agreed upon that the greater Portland area has more strip clubs per capita than any other city in the US. Recently, it has come to light that the Portland sex industry also includes sexually trafficked young women and children. On Monday, Christianity Today wrote a column about what Portland Christians are trying to do about it.


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